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My photography is something that lies in between someones soft side and their more adventurous side. We all have many facets of our personality that we would love to touch on. For this reason I named my business Iron Rose.

I can do any type of photo and love when my clients think outside the box.. You are the one who decides what side you want to portray. I love when someone wants to be unique in their photos, so don't be afraid to suggest a look you may want.

I mainly specialize in Newborn and Children's photography but also pride myself on teen "theme" photo sessions. I pride myself on being creative and achieving the special theme you may be looking for. I am highly regarded as a very patient photographer when it comes to your newborn photo sessions. Babies is what I adore. Throughout the whole session, I will provide love and lots of cuddling.

Some other things I have done, is work with young teen moms who are struggling with the decision to continue with their pregnancy. If they decide to keep their baby, I offer them my services free of charge.

I also work on the other end of the spectrum as I offer my services to families with elderly parents, who may be in nursing homes,living assistant homes and under Hospice Care Please ask about this service.

Lastly I am newly touching on "Natural Mommy" photo shoots. This is for that mother who decided to breast feed their baby. These photos can be added to your newborn package and are done in a tasteful intimate way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me