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Package Pricing

I can work with you to create a special package, don't hesitate to ask. If you do not receive a CD with your photo session, please see me for your printing needs. 

I offer all high quality photo paper and each photo is done in a Linen Texture Finish. Larger photos are printed on a hard back board to prevent warping. I fully recommending having me print your photos then taking them to a local business for printing.


**Your Private Gallery is Available for 2 weeks only. You must order your package/photos in that time frame or there is a 20% increase in the pricing, no exceptions.

**$50 deposit required to go towards your print order for Photo Packages


 Basic Photo Package $72.00

1- 8x10/or 8x12, 3-5x7, 3-4x6


Classic Photo Package $89.00

1- 8x10/or 8x12, 4- 5x7, 4-4x6


Premium $118.00

1-11x14, 1.8x10/or 8x12, 3-5x7, 5-4x6


Ultra Premium $174.00

1-16x24, 1-11x14, 1-8x10/or 8x12, 3-5x7, 5- 4x6

**All Proofs come with premium and ultra premium package for social websites or personal use on a CD. These are watermarked image


Side Options:

*Extra CD's with Print Releases are $50.


*Individual Pick and Choose photos on a Cd for $25 per photo. Each photo comes with a copy of a watermark photo for social media websites. Print Release included



Individual Photos Pricing add-ons                                                                                                      








High End Canvases (does not include shipping)




8x10- $55