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First Blog On Iron Rose

May 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
Like most professionals, I started out taking photos of my kids. After others asking me to do theirs, it blossomed into getting paid for my work. That was about 7 years ago. Its been a journey of learning, classes, meeting other photographers and trial and error. I worked a job outside doing photography and didn't really start making it real until last year when I became licensed. I had the opportunity to work in my home, so I turned my extra bedroom into my studio. I am loving it!
I pride myself on offering my services to those in need. Yes I give away free photos at times! Some other photographers would frown on this, I find it rewarding and not a flaw in who I am in my work. For others, I strive to keep my prices reasonable not because I am no good, or because I want to cut-throat my competition, its because I understand that these days, most people can not afford a good photographer, so they choose to shoot their own photos and avoid the high cost. Its knowing the economy and what these people are wanting, and adjusting to accommodate.
I love to just do photos for no reason. What I mean is, I will seek out a client just for the fun of it. One, it helps to have something new in my portfolio, but more importantly its a new experience. It doesn't define me as a photographer, it merely keeps me interested and engaging. I love to broaden my work to all areas that I find interesting, and for that reason, I do many types of work. What I find interesting and fun comes natural to me, and I have always been a creative person so I seek out these types of photo sessions. I even spend my time creating props for my clients with my own hands, just because I love it.
Many professional photographers spend their time worrying about whose doing what within other photographers business. Some will downright bad mouth other photographers in what they do or how they do it, trying to make themselves look better. You wont find that with me! I am not going to preach about how other photographers lack skill or knowledge or just don't know what they are doing because they do things different then me. Each photographer has their best work, and their worse work! Remember that when searching for yours!
I spend my time always learning and searching for new ideas and seek out those of high caliber to teach me what I need to learn. Those few professional photographers are on the top of my list when it comes to knowledge. When you stop learning or searching, you become stagnant and stuck in one thing. I am always looking for a way to be unique and offer unique services that will be useful to my clients. I want them to be who they are! I am always asking my clients what "they" like, what "they" want to portray. With their input and mine we can create something they will love for years to come. If for any reason I can not do your photos, I would suggest another photographer as an alternative. I have great confidence in a very few who are local to me based on their experience and most importantly their character. Those select few are the ones I would only use for a backup. For instance, I don't do weddings, but I have names of those who do and do it well.
Above all, I am a professional business person and I try and conduct myself that way. As most of you know, its not always easy to deal with others in "ANY" business, but I will go above and beyond to make your experience a happy one, or else I do your photos over again. I offer top notch quality in my products from the paper your precious photos are printed on, to canvases and specialty items. But if you are not the type to spend extravagantly on photos for you family, or you are a family with low income or special circumstance that prevent you from ever having nice photos, you will find that I can accommodate everyone.


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